About Me

Not just a developer or a consultant. Rather i don’t want to be just a developer. This is another step of my ladder to reach what i want to be. Chasing my dreams and working to make them true. Contribute, payback, share with a world, your knowledge, ideas to help it grow more.

Who am i?
My name is Sunil Singhal and i work for the company which is one of the best in the travel domain. Before this i worked for the company whose Operating System 🙂 runs on many desktops.

I’m skilled in  Design and Development. Have first hand experience in working in different languages – Java, C++, .Net as well as NoSql DBs – MongoDB, Elastic to RDBMSs like MS SQL, Oracle
Integration Platform – Biztalk Server, Javascript, Batch Scripting, Web Services, NANT scripting, Messaging Queues – MSMQ, IBM MQ etc. Started development on Sharepoint as well.
I have an exposure to Powershell, WCF, IIS , Microsoft Master Data Management, SCSF, WSSF, VBScript, JScript, WinForms.

Free Support and Freelancing
I can provide a support (free upto certain point for an individual).
All you need to do is either leave me a message here with your contact info, preferably email address along with Urgency flag.

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Jaagrugta Failao – By Sunil Singhal

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