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Activation error occured while trying to get instance of type Database, key “” | EntLib

The title of this post may sound a bit strange for those who have not faced this problem but it may sound a Sweet Tune Music 🙂 to those who want to resolve this nasty error in their application. If … Continue reading

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Task Scheduler in C#.Net

This article describes a way to create the Scheduled tasks in a system pro-grammatically for Windows Vista, Windows 7 etc Operating Systems using C#.NET language. Windows operating systems, though, already provide a User Interface to see a complete list, to … Continue reading

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Playaround with an address of object reference variable

Well, rarely you will have to find an address of a variable in C#.NET. Though C#.NET allows use of pointers but anyone hardly use them. .NET base library and Compiler have done a beautiful job, abstracting the complex use of … Continue reading

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How to read or write excel file using ACE OLEDB data provider?

This article describes the way to read or write into the excel workbook(or a file, used interchangeably) pro-grammatically using C#.NET language and ACE Oledb data providers by Microsoft. This covers the following topics: System Requirements Development Environment Versions of Excel … Continue reading

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Modify App Configuration while running application , C#.NET

Each application has it’s own configuration file, be it a windows based application or web based. This application configuration file defines information which can be used by application to make decisions, to load some other information or may contain the … Continue reading

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